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First seen in Star Trek: Voyager, the Multi-Vector Advanced Escort (Prometheus Class) is available to Federation Vice Admirals. Read more about it and purchase it from the C-Store today.

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I have this ship and the Tactical Setup of the Standard Advanced Escort (4+3) is more powerfull of this ship Tactical Setup(3+2+1) and the 2 pets gived by the separation are only 2 mass of metal with no brain and sense. The Beta Section of the ship have cannons in Alpha and Gamma mode,not used for the stupid A.I. of the pet who flight araund the enemy as a cruiser and not as an escort. Too weak pets,no control of them and no hull regeneration when they take 50 of the crew after separation. You can delete it if you don't want to work on it!!!! This ship have no pvp role because the separation mode is only a disadvantage with the hull reduction and no advantage!!! Power advantage in pvp is nothing with 50 of crew and a small hull...have this ship mean have no advantage on other ships of the game. You need to work on it before you can re-launch it!!!
You need to change the cooldown of the ability too!!! Too much time before a new separation!!! This isn't an Advantage!!!! DAMN!!!

What about the graphic bugs??? The cooldown bug??? The A.I. bug and brainless of the other 2 pets??? The wrong equip who don't change type of wepons for take same of your ship wepon???

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