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Originally Posted by tick0 View Post
Why did that match continue for an extra 10 minutes if it wasn't going to be recorded?
TRH was not aware of the time rule, or at least forgot about it completely. Otherwise, we would of ended it at 45 minutes.

SP was aware of it, and claimed victory at 6-5 around the 55th minute right after they scored a 6th and suddenly needed to go afk (only time they led in the match). We then reiterated the time rule to them (after we learned of it) as to it being 45 minutes and that the match was frapsed. We actually thought we lost, but really we had won.

R2 D2 dropped 3 times during the match. Twice during 45min regulation, it led to a couple of kills for Pandas. We didn't include this in the video. Although, we originally did include it with commentary, and thought it would be hurtful towards the effort the Panda put forth as it appeared as though we were exonerating our deaths with his poor internet connection, so we took it out. You might have a glimpse of him dropping once, and me dying shortly after. As well as on a separate occasion him requesting to be moved into the TS room we were all in because he had just got back from disconnect..

Since Naz mentioned something of a come back and some kind of exoneration of the first 45 minutes, I decided to disclose this information about the match.

Your "come back" was in direct result of a connection drop by our team mate and us crossing healing with 4. We are not downgrading the effort you guys put forth that day, but these are the facts.

Anyway, that's what happened.

-PaxOttomana of Turkish RP Heroes

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