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Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
While it is inconvenient to spend dil on things, the more dil we take out of the economy, the more it is worth. There is a reason why the exchange rate for dil->Zpoints is so favorable currently. It is because the starbase projects have been taking dil out of circulation.

It might be a pain to spend dil, but I think I like it this way. Now I can actually earn some decent Z if that is what I want to do with my dil.
Dilithium is capped at 8k per day. Long term this actually ends up being a big amount...HOWEVER

You now must split that 8k not one not two not three but FOUR ways and potentially even MORE as we progress.

1: Starbase construction. Basic missions, and the actual upgrades themselves. Not including those 200k drains on dilithium for no benefit whatsoever.

2: Embassy Construction and Missions. These are kinda going to be required...and guarntee you its gonna take a LOT of dilithium to make a reallity.

3: Personal Reputation: We've heard totals of 100k DILITHIUM for getting what you want out of these STF's? (for one item?) That's 13 days refining assuming you're not doing 1, 2, or my next.

4: Z-store requisition. I'm a player who if he had money would probably have spent it on this game. I dont. Not for awhile yet. So i take any chance i can to get Z points or did till the season 7 stuff got started up.

A player at this point now has to choose between these four. Helping his Fleet, Helping Himself, or Getting something neat for his character. The way this is going (assuming things dont really change) It feels like a straight up money grab. If this ends up being the case. Bye bye cryptic. GW 2 is a hell of a lot better for the cash. And i'm falling back in love with Rift. This Trekkie knows a screwjob when he sees it.