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10-24-2012, 08:37 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
Jeez guys, just buy a 7970 and pay for it with bitcoin mining.
The problem is this games graphics engine not my graphics card. It doesn't let high end graphics cards use their full ponies. Nor does it let more than 2 cores of your processor to be used.

Some days it's not so bad. Others? It's an exercise in futility.

Yeah put me in the Delete It From The Game crowd.

No one likes the map, visually it's dull and uninteresting. Terrain wise it is even more devoid of it than a normal pvp map and that's saying something.

It's a lazy piece of garbage the devs put in because they couldn't be arsed to put in a decent map like the inside of a nebula or something. Seriously with all the fights inside of Nebulae in ST how in the bloody hell did we NOT get a nebula map?