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It's still way too powerful, for a hundred years old ship. (Giving it more firepower/offensive power than a Galaxy Class is a personal insult IMHO.)
Oh come on! It's more mobile than the Galaxy class in the real Trek universe and it would therefore be more powerful as it has more phaser banks and has the mobility to use them all which more than makes up for that disproportional saucer mounted thing the Galaxy has (don't get me wrong, the Galaxy is a good ship but that should automatically make it out-match anything in existence)

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I always deeply hated that ship since 1984 when i first saw it in ST: III. It's ugly, misshaped and completely bad proportioned. It's Engineering hull is way too Bulky, its Saucer is much too small and the nacelles are totally oversized.
I have no idea what Leaonard Nimoy has been smoking when choosing that ship.
Considering it has 24 decks it's not that bulky, I agree the saucer could be a little bigger but I do like the nacelles but that's just a matter of opinion.

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I personally hate that the devs made that ugly bucket this powerful compared to other ships, especially compared to the Galaxy Class. It should have been a CMDR level Cruiser, but never a T5 ship. The devs instead should have given the "heavy cruiser" the BOFF & Console Layout of the T5 Excelsior.
Wanna try my engineer on in 1 on 1 PvP in their T3 Excel? The difference in offensive power between T3 and T5 versions of the ship are barely noticeable the difference is in the defensive capacity but I can do Elite STFs in the T3 version and tank stuff successfully, I think that the third tac console should be more noticeable but I did an entire thread on the subject which established the consoles are misleading, as for the Excelsior not being allowed a T5 version (in your opinion) you would take offence if I then said that the Galaxy shouldn't either. Sometimes the price of flying your favourite ship is that you aren't the most powerful thing on the block... that's something all us cruiser players have to live with.

With regards to there being no fleet version, If one were to come into existence I would get it as soon as my fleet had the facilities to make one, please can I have one Cryptic?