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[font="Verdana"][color="SandyBrown"]It's still way too powerful, for a hundred years old ship. (Giving it more firepower/offensive power than a Galaxy Class is a personal insult IMHO.)
Why would you take it as a personal insult? Its not like Cryptic sat in the meeting room thinking, "You know what would reall crank Yreodred? Make the Galaxy a slow moving brick with less than average firepower!"

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I always deeply hated that ship since 1984 when i first saw it in ST: III. It's ugly, misshaped and completely bad proportioned. It's Engineering hull is way too Bulky, its Saucer is much too small and the nacelles are totally oversized.
I have no idea what Leaonard Nimoy has been smoking when choosing that ship.
I respect your opinion on the Excel's design, but other people do like the look of the ship.

I think they wanted to get away from the Constitution based ships such as the Reliant/Miranda (Avenger for those of us who remember the classification in the mid 80's).

Because of the advancement of Japanese design at the time the movie was made, they tried to create a starship design in a more "Japanese-like" fashion. I think that they did a good job in that aspect and like the look of the ship. I actually don't know too many people who hate the look of the ship.

Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I personally hate that the devs made that ugly bucket this powerful compared to other ships, especially compared to the Galaxy Class. It should have been a CMDR level Cruiser, but never a T5 ship. The devs instead should have given the "heavy cruiser" the BOFF & Console Layout of the T5 Excelsior.
Lets look at the reality of it, the T5 Excel' at least gave a Fed Cruiser that layout and help make cruisers more palatable to more aggressive cruiser players. Personally it made the PvP zone much more enjoyable for me than the T5 Assault Cruiser did and allowed me to support my escort flying fleet-mates at the same time. Instead of downing the ship, can you agree with me that it at least did that?