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10-24-2012, 09:34 AM
Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
But you want revitalization? Go into the queues. Show that there's a player base before asking for stuff.
To an extent, this is kind of how it goes, eh?

Far too often, players have told devs that the players will do X if the devs make it. Too often, the devs do X...but the players do not do it. It's not really what they wanted - not what they thought it would be...something that not everybody wanted, etc, etc, etc.

Show them there is a thriving community on the other hand - a community that's a source of revenue - then they may toss something out there, see how it goes - if it goes well, the community continues to thrive or even grow...then they toss out the next thing, etc, etc, etc.

In reading this thread - it made me think of some discount game you might find in a bargin bin at Wal-Mart, tbh... some people still think of STO as a MMORPG (as crazy as they may sound) - suggesting that they remove aspects of that just to make it a TPS/FPS game...meh.