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10-24-2012, 09:56 AM
Recommending the right ship for some one else is never a simple thing. Stats are nice but ultimately the right ship is the fun ship. That's not something any one else can determine for you. That said, My recommendation from those ships howiebabey asked about is most defiantly for the MV Advanced Escort. I would also highly recommend he stay away from the atrox. The atrox does nothing that can not be done better in another ship and handles terribly.

Howiebaby. Should go to:

and plan out which abilities he would put into each ability slot of each of the ships he is interested in. Then see if it is still one he wishes to fly.

As howiebabey is new I will give him a couple of ability picking tips.

Two tactical team abilities are a requirement for elite PVE content and PVP. Do not take any ship without two tactical teams into these events unless you use active space doffs to reduce the cool down on one tactical team significantly. Your shields are your life, you need tactical team to keep them between you and the enemy.

Polarize hull and hazard emitters are highly recommended for elite PVE content. Most general purpose PVP builds also benefit from them. Polarize hull makes you immune to tractor beams and gives you damage resistance. Hazard emitters restore the hull of your or an allied ship over time and put out plasma fire.