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10-24-2012, 12:35 PM
I was never too worried about the grind for getting complete sets, I was more worried about the extra grind for extra sets for your other ships on the same character.

You sell ship slots in the store, so that proves that I'm not the only one that uses more than one ship on one character, some have so many ship on one character, they need to buy new slots.

Moving gear from one ship to another is a pain for various reasons, not least of which that you need to rearrange your tray buttons if you change your weapons out due to the bug that resets your layout when changing ships.

Transferring the gear from one ship to another is quite a time waster and it's easier to have a full set for each ship, which takes a grind for each of your separate ships.

It would be nice if, once you've earned a full set, you could replicate other sets for your other ships that bind on pick-up to make sure that you don't pass them to other characters.

Just an idea that shouldn't be considered cheating the system in any way, or a problem for game mechanics. It would be nice if it was considered.