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Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
I have two simple questions about the following.

1. Are you going to give us hard numbers at any point before season 7 hits?

2. If you are going to give us hard numbers, when will you give them?

To anyone besides the devs, and in my honest opinion at this point in time, unless you have a metric ton of stuff, either use it now, or convert it to dilithium, you'll probably be happier.

A bird in the hand so to speak. Though I don't see the point in converting until questions 1 and 2 are answered, but converting first seems like it will be the sensible course of action.

The blog was, frankly, pile of useless waffle. Yes yes, it's being converted somehow. Anyone could figure that part out. The question is: At what exchange rates? If it's a 1:1 with current dilithium/part then, whatever, I understand putting in a locked box opening at T5 rep, some weird stuff could happen if it it opened before that and yet you couldn't use what you got or the like. If it is some other rate then we need to know that first.

If it was me, and, granted, it's not, I would think the conversion should be either slightly to the benefit of the player or exactly even. People who are inactive right now shouldn't come back to being completely gimped but they shouldn't come back to instant tier 5 free everything overnight.