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Originally Posted by meimeitoo View Post
I heard it on good authority (1,000+ day experienced vet player), that Cryptic actually changed the drops to have the spoils go to the one who did the most DPS. It looks like he's right, from what I can tell: being on a tact toon, he can (innately) do more DPS than I can, as an engineer. Hence, he almost always walks off with tons of purple gear and Borg Tech, whereas the rest of us get nothing but Mk XI blue crap... if we're lucky even.

And no, I don't think that's fair, and needs to be changed back.

I've anecdotally noticed my ~8-9k dps tac/escort has much better loot luck than my 7k dps sci/kar'fi and 6.5k eng/chimera but small sample sets and all that. Rewarding dps as 'contribution' isn't a good idea, if your job is to guard the kang or the gate or the like you might be working hard but doing relatively little dps compared to someone who parks shoots moves, parks shoots. But your role is critical. Same with the guy who gets stuck kiting donatra.

If I were to look at the overall topic on a case by case basis:

Overall I think the problem with the CSE optional is that if you can't get the optional it's very possible you can't get the mission at all, and this is discovered very late in the process. It's not a granularity thing, if you can just handle bops you might not be able to handle raptors at all, and then suddenly you just die. With my escort I can kill all the probes solo in about 11-12 minutes, but I've had a few groups where everyone else was a 1-2k dpser and the 4 others could handle bops but not raptors + cubes. It ends up wasting everyones time. This mission is problematic in part because it doesn't lead you into how you *should* do the mission, which is to kill probes then kill cubes, but then the jump up in difficulty is huge and a lot of groups can't manage it. People who come in thinking 'kill the cubes in order' don't know, and there's no quick way to convey the strategy.

Infected space: basically the only way to fail this is if one group member deliberately tries to screw up the group by destroying a generator on the wrong side, or if someone over dps's on the correct side *and* you can't mange the nanite spheres/dps check. The latter is a forgivable mistake, the former not really. There's where you need a vote to kick option.

Khitomer accord space: This requires you be able to trust that the person on probe duty won't wander off, and is actually capable of it. IMO before players get to do elite STF's they should have to solo manage to do an equivalent to the probe killing for 5 minutes, and then kill a pair of spheres. If you're doing 1k dps you can't do probes, and you can't, unfortunately, do much of anything.


The cure, ground: This seems the easiest one with the ground revamp. Having it so anyone can actually kill the borg trying to turn off generators is good.

Infected ground:
Jumping is hard in STO, and this is basically the only place where there is a serious jumping puzzle, and it's right at the end. Bad design needs to be in giant bold letters here. "Just don't suck at jumping" isn't a strategy. The coordination on panels is not a huge problem. At least have the same jumping puzzle room accessible elsewhere so people can practice (without the instant death).

In this mission you can be a dead man walking from the start, and it's a long mission at the best of times.

My best suggestion to fix it without radically changing it is let people wear enviro suits and put anchors on the platforms (or let the enviro suits survive the pool of doom).

Khitomer accord ground:
Ugh. It's bad but in a different way than Infected. In infected you can be a dead man walking and that's pretty much the cardinal sin of game design. Here you have to trust the person going in the control room can do the job, and if they've never done it before you're going to fail the optional objective. That's unfortunate. But manageable, especially because you can find out pretty quick if you can't make the dps check on the generator things.

With the ground stuff though, the optional objective is really about knowing where to jump over stuff, what to skip and so on. I guess that's kinda like the optionals in space, but you shouldn't be able to screw yourself by doing the obvious thing and run in order killing things in order.