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10-24-2012, 12:57 PM
NOTE: All STF ?currency? items not spent before Season 7 launch will be converted to the new system!

There are 42 items that will be converted including:
?Encrypted Data Chips (EDCs)
?Marks of Requisition
?Recruit, Veteran, and Elite Requisitions
?Rare and Prototype Borg Salvage
?Common, Rare, and Prototype Tech

All types of these items will be immediately converted to Omega Marks and Borg Neural Processors when the owning character logs in for the first time after Season 7 releases.

Any items converted this way will go into a storage device which cannot be retrieved until the character reaches Tier 5 in the Task Force Omega Reputation System.
Ok wow I do not like this post, all the grinding we did to get EDCs will only be converted after we hit T5 which is already a big grind. Great Job destroying the system and making people grind again. Not a happy camper.

Also what 42 items are you talking about? The only items I ever needed to get any STF armor or weapons were:
Item 1- EDCs
2 - Rare Borg Salvage
3 - Elite Tech Salvage
Then only a couple of different requisitions, but those were just purely a specific amount of EDCs used to purchase an item; which in turn those items could have just been able to be purchased by EDCs and Rare salvage instead of trading EDCs or Salvage for requisitions.

- Due to the fact that some players have enough items being converted to max out the new system, we chose to withhold the conversion crate until the character hits tier 5 in Omega for a few reasons. We wanted player to have the choice at each tier how to spend their resources. We wanted players to be able to make choices about which captain power they want at each tier. We wanted to retain player's purchasing power by holding back the converted items until they can be spent on the Gear Sets. This prevents players from spending the resources they'd saved up for Omega Gear Sets on something else without realizing it.
In no way does this help someone going through the grinding process which is required to buy the new gear, It only makes us grind for resources to advance through the tiers; and then receive a reward of the resources that should have been ours and "converted" resources are wasted because we already got the resources by the time we reach the final tier.

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