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10-24-2012, 01:26 PM
- Lower dilithium costs for gear sets (maybe not eliminate since we're switching from a chance-based methodology to a guaranteed system, but 60k for 3 Borg MK10 pieces is a bit ridiculous)
- Add dilithium drops to Fleet Actions (since Fleet gear costs dilithium too), as this will encourage people to run these and not limit dilithium drops solely to STFs/dailies/doffing
- Raise the dilithium cap

These are some of the suggestions my fleet has come up with regarding the new system. If you're going to make dilithium be the be-all-end-all currency to accompany a mark-based system, there need to be more ways to get it, and an increased limit of how much we can use. Otherwise this is really just a content-rehash-for-more-money scheme.