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10-24-2012, 01:36 PM
- The goal of the conversion is to retain "purchasing power" as close to what it was previously. We looked at the amount of items needed to obtain gear sets and set out to ensure that if you had enough items to get a specific gear piece or gear set, the conversion would be do its best to retain that purchasing power in the new system. Keep in mind that the way you obtain MACO/HONOR/OMEGA sets is going to be different because it will no longer be in a store, and will instead be via projects. So just having a conversion rate would not necessarily help you decide whether to cash out yet or not. The way you obtain dilithium and gear is changing in this system and you'll be able to see most of those changes on Tribble.

- The conversion will be different for everyone which is why we aren't posting a chart. When you get your crate, it will tell your character specifically how much Omega Marks, Borg Neural Processors, and Dilithium your items were converted to. If you are worried that the exchange may not be to your liking, then you'll have to make the call whether to spend or not. For the most part we are posting this blog to give you enough time to make that call for yourself.

- Due to the fact that some players have enough items being converted to max out the new system, we chose to withhold the conversion crate until the character hits tier 5 in Omega for a few reasons. We wanted player to have the choice at each tier how to spend their resources. We wanted players to be able to make choices about which captain power they want at each tier. We wanted to retain player's purchasing power by holding back the converted items until they can be spent on the Gear Sets. This prevents players from spending the resources they'd saved up for Omega Gear Sets on something else without realizing it.

- The time involved to rank up the Omega Fleet Rep will require a few months of projects, but the resources required should be easily obtainable within limits of standard game play. It also allows us to introduce the Reputation system without an entire subset of the game population skipping it via auto-completion - which isn't fun or in the nature of the design. This is about rebooting how the STFs should have worked in the first place, while giving players the purchasing power to be in similar footing when they finish it.

- There is a subset of players who will have one or two pieces that now have two choices. A) they have until early November to try to get the remaining pieces. B) wait until after Season 7 releases, and then level up the Omega Fleet and have a much clearer and easier path to getting the gear they are missing. Once again, we do not want some players "Skipping" the new Reputation system by getting a free pass because of the STF's they've run. Players will get a conversion crate, but we want all players to make choices at each tier about which powers they select.

We all understand that the conversion will be different for everyone, since everyone has a different number of EDCs, Rare / Proto salvage and Tech saved. All we're asking for is how many EDCs make a mark, or how many rares etc.

For those of us that might actually have enough marks to 'max out the system' as you put it Why not give the marks out to begin with? Likely those particular players have so much loot right now because they have the sets already, and the rep system is gated by the amount of time that it takes to get missions completed and will take months as you say to get the system completed, so why put what we've already earned into MK 12 pension fund until we're old enough? You've already mentioned that we'd have to run the missions ourselves to unlock the tiers, so we wouldn't be SKIPPING the reputation system at all. Why not just give us the converted new currencies at the start when we start the system?

I'm also curious, at present there is a method of converting excess stf currencies into something useful, like dilithium, will we be able to convert our marks and neurals into dilithium as well?