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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
A few more comments to address concerns

- We are not taking existing gear sets away from you. Everything that you've unlocked via accolades or purchased via the stores will remain on your character. The only thing being converted are the 42 currencies used in the STFs which are being aggregated into 2 easy to understand currencies: Omega Marks which are earned from Borg related content, and Borg Nueral Processors which are commodies gained from running Elite STFs.

- Once we have the final conversion numbers established, we will be updating TRIBBLE with the conversion script so that any character can log in individually and see the amount of Omega Marks, Borg Neural Processors, and Dilithium they will be receiving. This way you'll see exactly what each character will get and you can decide to cash out for Dilithium or not before Season 7.

- It is important to note that under the existing STF system, you have a very random chance of getting the gear you want and have no idea how long it will take you to get a specific piece of gear due to the random chance of the loot drop. We know for a fact that some players have been trying for a year and still don't have the drop to complete their set. If we did nothing, it may take another year of playing STFs to get the set. In the new system you will know exactly how long it will take to get the gear and instead of leaving it to chance (which could be a really long time), you will now have a finish line in site. It may take a few months, but that is a definite versus the randomness of maybe in a year. By saving your conversion crate until you can actually spend it on gear, it assures that you don't spend it and leave yourself short to get the item you've been trying to get for so long.

- We are listening to feedback and will make appropriate changes to the system before Season 7 goes live as we feel are appropriate.
The part I have a problem is that those of us that do have multiple stf xii sets it seems redundant for us to have to start out where everyone else is. There should be some kind of gauge atleast with accolades earned with the system already where those of us with time invested should not have to start out at the same place of those who have not put in the time that some of us have put in.

Well the slew of new ways if my fed toons which is about half the size of my kdf toon collection... I might be interested in playing the fed ones more if there are decent ways to get dilithium on these feds too. The limitations of the dailies that have been in for 2+ years and b'tran sort of soured my wanting to play feds. So this would be a great change.

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