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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
- We know for a fact that some players have been trying for a year and still don't have the drop to complete their set. If we did nothing, it may take another year of playing STFs to get the set. In the new system you will know exactly how long it will take to get the gear and instead of leaving it to chance (which could be a really long time), you will now have a finish line in site. It may take a few months, but that is a definite versus the randomness of maybe in a year. By saving your conversion crate until you can actually spend it on gear, it assures that you don't spend it and leave yourself short to get the item you've been trying to get for so long.
This doesn't make sense, especially for the kind of player you use in your example. So a person like that would probably also have a few duplicate prototype techs, multiple duplicate rare techs, and hundreds and hundreds of spare EDC saved up from their attempt to get that coveted last piece of tech.

So you withhold all the fruits of their labor so they can, what, buy ten copies of that last piece when they finally get there? Unless you give us such a horrible conversion rate that it would only amount to one piece of MK XII gear, it seems unnecessarily cruel to not let the player use his prior efforts to help him level up his Reputation. You're essentially saying, "That entire year you spent trying to get that item has been a total waste. BUT, if you do it again, we'll guarantee you your tech."

Not much of a deal