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# 1 Plasma DoT
10-24-2012, 01:41 PM
So it says it doesn't stack, and nowhere else I've looked has clarified this.

So, plasma weapon A and weapon B both proc. What happens?

1)B overwrites A. No additional damage.
2)B gets it's own debuff. There are now 2 fires on the target.
3) rolling ignite. B refreshes the debuff, while adding A's remaining damage to it's tick bank.

All this said, is plasma a viable weapon? other than torps, which I've used over photons because of that dot. It just seems like if option A is how they work, having more than one or 2 plasma weapons is pointless. And I guess torps get their own rules, because I've seen 2 stacks from consecutive strikes.

Planning on using plasma on an STF Vo'Quv,, if that makes a differance.