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10-24-2012, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post

- We are listening to feedback and will make appropriate changes to the system before Season 7 goes live as we feel are appropriate.
No you are not.

If you were... we'd have fixes to long-standing bugs. We would have playable content beyond grind maps, we would not have an 8K grind-cap nor would we have yet another grind-sink.

Dstahl, you are many things (Game producer, business man, fairly nice fellow overall)-- but a listener you are not.

We the fans... are telling you OMG THIS SUCKS.

It's no longer just a small cross-section on the forum. People in TTS, Zone, STORP, and other channels are unhappy. People I've talked with in game after PUGs are unhappy.

Dstahl, you are NOT listening to your player base. Our feedback means NOTHING to Cryptic.

I would be more willing to accept the upcoming changes if there were some new story or plot advancements rather than grind-map spoonfuls.

Said my piece now, take it as you will, sir.
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