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10-24-2012, 02:44 PM
I am afraid that once this hits holodeck, STFs will slowly die. Every player I know in game is grinding like mad to get their sets before this hit because of the major resource drain this represents. 750 Omega Marks (13 elite runs), 60,000 Dilithium, 30,000 Expertise, 180 Industrial Energy Cells, and 1 day 16 hours per piece just to get a retro borg set. Compare that to 3 hours to do 8 Elite STFs for 15 EDCs for the same gear.

The dilithium costs on gear need to go. Obtaining gear should not be time gated or dilithium gated, it will ruin the STF experience. Requiring a huge number of marks for gear is already a big enough grind. Cryptic, please listen to the concerns that have been voiced by the player base here on the forums and by the sharp increase of STFs running over on holodeck. It's not the cost of advancing the reputation system that's causing people to grind like mad, it is the insane double cost that is going to be forced upon the player base. The STF store won't be the STF store anymore, it will become a dilithium store that requires double grinding.

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