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Originally Posted by dhiemm View Post
There might not be a playable Romulan faction in STO...yet...but there has been a Romulan Community in STO befor launch back in Feb. 2010!

If you would like to join Romulan enthusiasts, in discussion about everything and anything that makes a Romulan, discuss on Star Trek Romulan themed novels, and everything and anything Star Trek...this is the fleet for you!


It is time for me to come in from the cold, and I would like to take whatever steps are necessary to join your distinguished House and forge the Way of D'era with my fellow Sundered.

Please look for my name on your above subspace signal.

For the Star Empire,
V'sirius Tomax
"Misdirection is the key to survival. Never attack what your enemy defends. Never behave as your enemy expects and never reveal your true strength. If knowledge is power, then to be unknown is to be unconquerable..." - Romulan tenet