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Originally Posted by defalus View Post
The information on this was already posted in another thread, each mk xii part will cost ~36k dilithium and 5 elite marks and the grind to tier 5 will be ~80k dilithium and over 1500 marks.

Where did you get your numbers from?
it says give or take. wich means in english "some where between"

so you say 36k per item and 5 elite marks wich we do not know the drop rate of.

108.000 dilithium is give or take 14 days.

5 elite marks can be anything from 1-50 weeks depending on drop rate.

and the time to get omega Tier 5 can be anything from 1 week to 40 weeks.

the blog was kinda crap not saying all the numbers and info we need..
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