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10-24-2012, 01:51 PM
A full set of Mk XII Gear costs 3000 Marks, 15 Elite Marks, and ~100,000 Dilithium.

Attaining Tier 5 in Omega Rep costs 1,686 Marks, 0 Elite Marks, and ~80,000 Dilithium.
From the 2 data points we got, we can see, that if you want to use 1 mark, you need to spend 33-50dil. It's like every mark has a 33-50dil activation cost.

Now let's assume that the STF will give us the needed 33-50dil per mark. That means:
  1. normal STF 20 marks, should give us 660-1000dil in S7
  2. elite STF 60 marks, should give us 1980-3000dil in S7

just to get even!

But before Season 7, STF generated a dil surplus.

So this is clearly a dilithium nerf. Turning STF from dilithium generators into dilithium sinks. (I doubt we will get 3000dil per ESTF)