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10-24-2012, 01:53 PM
Well, based on the numbers they last gave us of needing 80,000 dilithium for tier 5, and assuming that each mission takes 900 dilithium, like on tribble now, and that each mission takes 40 hours like on tribble now, then that works out to 148 and some days. If you work from the other number of 1686 marks, and assuming 17 marks per missions and one mission takes 40 hours, that works out to 165 and some days. I am assuming the difference is due to Bort's numbers coming from some perfect run through, though it could be because the version on tribble does not represent the final product in costs.

But based on the numbers we have, about 5 months to get to level 5, on one character.

Also, since these are the numbers on tribble and there is no was to skip ahead, I find it rather insulting to say that everything at tier 5 is available for testing when season 7 is due in November and there doesn't seem to be a way to get to teir 5 to test it. Though I would be very happy to be proven wrong.

Another question, this line:

Dilithium is still earned via STF mission rewards and Task Force Omega reputation projects
This makes it sound like the reputation projects will give us dilithium. I take it that these are special missions that take marks or something and give dilithium?

Also, I would like to know what happens to the anti-borg weapons we already have from the store. Are we talking damage type changes, just updated visuals, ground and space weapons? What?

I did find the idea that you could dress you boffs up in the same costume nice, but if this is tied to them wearing the armor, its a bit of a waste since they can't activate the active set powers, and you would have to grind for each armor set.