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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
This is a new game system much like the Fleet System was a new system in Season 6. We did not give existing Fleets credit for having played Fleet Actions prior to Season 6 - everyone started from the same point.

Similarly, the Reputation system is a new way to earn Captain advancement and will be expanded on in future updates. Season 7 introduces Omega and Romulans, but there will be more reputations and rewards added later. We want everyone to experience the Reputation system on equal footing and be able to make smart decisions about which powers they want their captain to have at each tier. In the case of the Romulan reputation, we want players to experience the mission and cutscene unlocks that occur at each tier that are representative of the ongoing relationship the player has with the Romulans. So we are not trying to say "go do it again". We are trying to say, we appreciate you've played a lot of STFs and continue to do so. We are now adding additional rewards that you can obtain as you continue to play STFs - plus we are giving you a definite answer as to "when am I going to get that last piece of gear I need?!"

Now you will know.
Yeah I understand to an extent of what is happening but its kind of to me a mixed issue that relates to the way the KDF starbase system works. Just for an example where it collides with this STF reputation system at tier 5 Omega and tiers 4 and 5 KDF shipyard there is not anything new for the player to regrind these or start a grind where with the shipyard the ships being offered do not merit the 20 dollars/fleet modules per ship per character. The same is with this system as seen on tribble if I take my main klingon of each respective class they already have Mk XII KHG ground sets. So both of these systems do not offer me anything for the time to get there.

Edit: This is probally not going to ever happen but maybe possibly at Tier 5 Omega Reputation possibly put in for like the KDF where you can use that store to purchase the borgified carrier you fight in the cure and fed side something similar... From what I'm trying to say basically it just needs a little icing on the cake so to speak for me to get motivated with this system from a stand point of not gaining much from the system when reaching the end of it.

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