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Originally Posted by joxertm2 View Post
And I've already said in another thread it will hurt only new players. Who'll get MK12 sets... Never.
New characters can start working on STF parts when they start on the Omega reputation, by the time they reach Mk XII access they are more that likely to have the Dilithium as long they save it.

Players that are sitting on incomplete sets? they have to level up on the Omega reputation before they can unlock access to finish them.

And that if Cryptic doesn't care for new players, neither should we.
The ones that are getting the shaft is the ones that regardless of previous achievements are still forced to do it again from the start, new players that had zero investment on STFs are very much unaffected.

Originally Posted by gespensterjaeger View Post
and also you need marks. wich no one knows the drop rate of. wich also can be random.

sry man but you cannot defend cryptic for doing something and not telling us the 100% truth of it.

You mean YOU since I know how it works, 1 Elite Omega Mark per Elite STF and about 30 Omega Marks per Elite STF, they dont "drop" as they are automatic awarded at completion with a set value.

Minimum will be 5 Elite STFs successful completed, maximum will be about 44 runs, that is actually the worst part as Omega Marks cost seems the long haul .

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