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10-24-2012, 02:14 PM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post

Dont come here complaining about a combo everyone and their gandmother uses because its OP and its basic a exploit being nerfed when science skills been so nerfed they rendered science ships nearly moot, same goes with the B'rel that made Feds piss on their pants so much the whole thing falls apart in a strong breeze because it have no hull and still they moaned until the "Advanced" battlecloak made it a non-choice for PvE.

This "nerf"? had it coming and would had come if I was running things.
That is one thing this is the science ships and b'rel's design needs to be reworked since transphasics fireing one after other so much you are basically a sitting duck if you try to kill your enemy where as the downside of no shielding does not balance out with how much damage you do for the downsides.

I've heard the cutting beam would be something torpedo boat captains would want to use but the way it sounds like a beam array the b'rel couldn't use this in its EBC mode. The omega torpedo launcher I'm kind of seeing with the heavy nerfs to science there isn't a feasible way this torpedo is going to be worth anything other than a collectors item tbh.