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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
Statistically speaking, this is untrue.

Even starting from scratch, maxing out the new Reputation system will take you approximately 60% less STF runs than the chances you have of getting the last gear drop you need. This is what we meant by the system is far more favorable for most players. When the drop rate is so low, you'd have to run STFs "X" number of times for a likely chance to get the tech drop.

In the new system, the number of STF runs needed to get that last piece of gear is reduced down to a definite cost that has a finite number of STF runs to obtain which is 60% less than what it would have been previously in the random odds table.

Sure you might get lucky and get the last piece of gear you need in the next two months, but the odds are against you in the current reward table. You are more likely to get the last piece of gear you need by leveling up the Rep system than leaving it to chance.
I see your positive side tho toons I don't have it on be mostly feds or newer KDF ones could be used to get them up to par having near 20 toons up in mk xii gear in a few months time is better than being stuck on one piece on one toon giving it priority on every stf trying to get a piece of gear.