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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
A few more comments to address concerns

- We are not taking existing gear sets away from you. Everything that you've unlocked via accolades or purchased via the stores will remain on your character. The only thing being converted are the 42 currencies used in the STFs which are being aggregated into 2 easy to understand currencies: Omega Marks which are earned from Borg related content, and Borg Nueral Processors which are comm
42 current STFs currencies? Is that Cryptic fail math at work again?
There are EDC, rare salvage, Proto Salvage, 3
common armor, common psg, common weapon, 3
rare shield, rare armor, rare weapon, 3
proto armor, proto shield, proto weapon, 3
Thats 9 for ground gear, same number for space gear. Thats 18 for direct gear purchasing, plus 3 multi use currencies. makes 21

And why exactly i'm do do with all the omega marks i'm getting when i open my omega box at t5. When i already need to grind all the STFs again to even get to be able to open it. And earn a ton of omega marks athat way? Throw them away, convert them to dil?

And you know. Don't believe your players are to stupid to chose what they want. Give them the information they need to make a informed decision and they will do if they care about it. Don't take away the choices because you think the players are to stupid.
The players will only be as smart as the game allows them to be.
And sadly STO is operating on the concept that the players are total morons. Which of course becomes true if you treat the players like morons. Treat them as intelligent beings and the game will improve. And never ever tell the players that they are to stupid. It is highly insulting at best, and will cost you players at worst. In that light you serious want to reword your answers. Because that is exactly what you told us.

We are to stupid.

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