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10-24-2012, 02:16 PM
Originally Posted by gespensterjaeger View Post
aktually it is very difficult. couse 23.5 days is still 23.5 DAYS in real life
wich means you need 8.000 dilithium per day wich means what 4-8 hours minimum play time PER DAY.

thats hmm lets see 552 hours play time we can short it down to 400 hours play time.

not a difficult thing to do ? errr

and not to mention you aktully need to wait the physical 552 HOURS?

what is so wrong with our current system "press a buttom" "get the item" "equip it" takes what 2 min ?
At Tier I you only use 1200 dilithium to run two projects (one costs 300, the other 900). That price goes up if you run the Tier I upgrade, but if you don't, prices remain at 1200. 1200 doesn't take a player that long to earn. You only need 26 marks between the two projects, so in one elite run you have knocked out almost all of the needed resources. The biggest downside is you need around 180,000 EC worth of materials between the two projects.

I understand your sentiments about the changes, in fact I agree with you on the matter. The truth is, until there is a major outcry from the community, which probably won't happen until S7 launches, it's likely nothing will change.