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10-24-2012, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
We are adding a slew of new ways to get Dilithium including most of the Fleet Actions. The Dilithium Refining cap is staying in tact for now, but may increase by the time we hit Season 8.
What actions? How much?

Why wasnt THIS mentioned far sooner than now? I've been following the season 7 changes closely but i havent seen a whit of this.

I dont want to give this game up. I see the potential in this game but then i see the decisions like what started off this thread your dev blog and i immediately have to facepalm. There are a LOT of reasons not to like season seven and one of those was the growing requirements of dilithium in all projects and the lack of increase in sources.

This is the first time you've said a thing concerning more sources and/or upgrading the cap. I still dont like the fact that i have to grind my way up to five. I do think your 2 month term is somewhat pie in the sky given the time it takes to complete some of these projects. Now If they grow shorter? Maybe it gets worth it. Or if you can run multiple at the same time. Why has this not been addressed. When people are trying to make decisions we need all the information possible. I get again trying to funnel people onto the test server but a lot of people dont like it. There are still massive bugs that need fixing and a number of things that have to be done. This felt like a cash grab till i saw that statement. But its the first time that statement has been seen and it should have been stated WEEKS sooner than this.

If this is not just a feint and a real thing you do ease a lot of the pain that is coming with season 7 and you avoid one of the bigger problems imo that season 7 as talked about and as viewed by what was on tribble to be one of the biggest issues: Choosing between fleet advancement your own advancement and buying things off the Z store for your own enjoyment. I would like to know most of all WHY this wasnt said to players sooner and why it hasnt been talked about until now.