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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
The final numbers which are being worked out calculate the average player completing the Omega Fleet Rep system around 2 months, which does require a time investment, but is a much better timeframe than "maybe someday you'll get the gear" which is what it was under the random loot drop system. Now you'll alway see how close you are to getting the gear and it won't take a year (like it has for some players.

There will be Omega projects that generate Dilithium similar to how you could trade items in for Dilithium. I don't have specifics or final numbers on what the inputs/outputs of that project are yet.

All existing gear you've purchased via STFs will remain on your character. The Omega set is not going away at all. There are some slight changes happening to the Borg Space set in that you only will need 3 set pieces to get all 4 of the set bonuses, and a second additional set (2 weapons and a console) is being introduced that uses the console that is being taken out of the original set (but the bonus still remains). So the only change is that the set is getting better. Again - these changes will be available on Tribble soon for those that want to see it in action.
So in other words the 500 STFs I have ran to get the MK xii gear and have only received 1 out of the 3 pieces I will have to do all over again, well this is a complete turn away for most of us veteran players who have already worked extremely hard just to be too told do all that work again just to get to the tier 5; then hope the amount of marks you get is enough to buy the gear that you cannot even look at on tribble until you hit T5. So in the end we will find out nothing about the numbers we need and just have to hope the amount we get is enough.

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