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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
We are adding a slew of new ways to get Dilithium including most of the Fleet Actions. The Dilithium Refining cap is staying in tact for now, but may increase by the time we hit Season 8.
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Despite all the comments youve made i still feel your not addressing the concern that the new systems and costs will increase the pressure on people to have to buy zen and hence force the cost of playing this game up, can you really afford to lose players ? is it not better to have a system where people are lining your pockets with money rather than over pricing every single last thing (the phrase getting blood out of a stone comes to mind) and force people to say "sorry i cant afford what sto is aksing of me im off to find a cheaper mmo"

Lets be honest here mr stahl shall we, how much of this increase in cost is by PWE demanding more money ? sure in asian countries they love to grind mmos to death but do pwe really have a grasp on the culture differences in the western market ?

I think you have got a big nerve hiking up the cost of every. WHilst I appreciate as a business cryptic has to make money i think your going the wrong way about it.
You've missed one key quote that i put in my new post that DOES address the dilithium issue at least partially. I am by no means a koolaid drinker and i want answers to questions but there is hope.