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Originally Posted by darkenzedd View Post
When do all the story missions get unlock so they reward Romulan and Omega Marks?

I am not really interested in grinding the old stfs because im fed up with them, and I do not want to test the newer stf and other team missions as I do not want to get bored with them before they go live!
Dilithium, Fleet Marks, Omega Marks, and Romulan Marks will be available from a wide variety of missions once Season 7 launches.

Generally speaking
if it is missions against the Borg, it will reward Omega Marks.

If it is missions involving New Romulus or the new Sector it will reward Omega Marks

All Fleet Actions that previously rewarded Gear only, will now reward Gear and Dilithium at all scores with a special 2x Dilithium bonus for coming in Gold in Fleet Actions.

Fleet Marks will be available from more PVE Queue missions.

Dilithium Ore will be available from more missions and via the Reputation system

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