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10-24-2012, 02:30 PM
Cryptic: We understand that the current loot drop system is a bit ridiculous at times
Player: Yea it takes way too long to get.
Cryptic: Ok, we are just going to take it away from everyone, introduce a shiny new system, and you can re-earn it.
Player: WTF I already have it.
Cryptic: Yea so? You'll get it back once we deem it ok.
Player: Huh? I already earned it you Internet Gestapo, give it back.
Cryptic: Ha, we make the rules, pay for it.
Cryptic: WTH?!?
Player: I got tired of your nonsense.
PWE: After reviewing your job performance, You are all fired!.
Stahl: Guess we went to far.
Borticus: I wonder if I can get my show back on Beer sure was tasty!
Player: Beer is tasty!
Borticus: You know I can do a better star trek game with out Stahl and Co, screwing things up for me.
Player: good go for it, Just give me back my gear.