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Originally Posted by dastahl View Post
You're reading that wrong.

Season 7 ships in November just like we've always said. The argument was that if we left everything is it is now, the odds of getting the prototype tech drops are so low that it would take a long time to get them. Once Season 7 hits, you'll now have a definite finish line of approximately 2 months to finish the Omega Rep and get the gear.

Or another way of looking at it:

(Existing Way)
- Statistical number of STF runs needed to get a specific prototype drop = X

(New Reputation Way)
- Number of STF runs needed to max out Omega Fleet and acquire gear = 60% less than X

If you then have existing items that are being converted in Season 7, once you max out Omega Fleet, it will be even cheaper to acquire the gear because we're giving you credit for the currencies you've saved up to buy the gear.
2 months man 2 entire months.

thats not better thats horrible. 1 week yeah thats good improvement but 2 months ?

8.000 dilithium refinement limit and you need what 108.000 + the additional 80.000 ?
thats not improvement thats crazy to put it mildly.

sry dstahl but this is horrible this is just morally wrong.

cant you lower the time to a more fun factor ?

We want to play the game and enjoy it. not make it feel like work or like im working against a clock.

this is i cant decribe it. im not a natural english speaker but this noooooo

cant really enjoy it anymore when you say im forced to play check on my toon and refine 8.000 dilithium per day for 2 months to get a set.

not when i know that my 5 other toons that i got full mk XII set and space set on took less than that

thats not improvement. thats slapping me hard on the cheek.
If only they fix Cloaking bugg *new message BOOM decloacked.