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10-24-2012, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by fxdfbxcgxfbc View Post
So it says it doesn't stack, and nowhere else I've looked has clarified this.

So, plasma weapon A and weapon B both proc. What happens?

1)B overwrites A. No additional damage.
2)B gets it's own debuff. There are now 2 fires on the target.
3) rolling ignite. B refreshes the debuff, while adding A's remaining damage to it's tick bank.

All this said, is plasma a viable weapon? other than torps, which I've used over photons because of that dot. It just seems like if option A is how they work, having more than one or 2 plasma weapons is pointless. And I guess torps get their own rules, because I've seen 2 stacks from consecutive strikes.

Planning on using plasma on an STF Vo'Quv,, if that makes a differance.
Depends on the patch. It's pretty consistent that the Plasma Torpedo proc can and does stack though you're not often to see it happen with just your weapons being fired. On the other hand the plasma energy weapon proc sometimes stacks and sometimes doesn't. On the times when it doesn't stack it always seems to reset the debuff's timer.