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10-24-2012, 03:40 PM
Originally Posted by kobayashlmaru View Post
This should be interesting. I'm sure they are doing this to stop people from profiting from the DOff exchange. It's going to work, no question about it.

But it's going to drop dilithium exchange rates again, force DOff exchange prices to skyrocket, and make it once again impossible to upgrade starbases. This will effectively kill the only feature Cryptic released in S6.
Wait a minute, you mean they will release something one day... and then make it pointless the next? They've never done that before! (Kerrat war zone/take away the dilithium mission) (Fleet Events/Add fleet marks to investigate officer reports and commendation reports) (Add new Nukara ground zone/Take away the only reason anyone ever did it by adding a timer to the missions) Oh sorry about that, my inner monologue must be broke