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Originally Posted by themarie View Post
Since the old system is being nuked, can you enlighten us as to how it worked? What is X in this case? How was the random calculated, how it was applied to the tables and all that jazz.

I'm hearing anywere from 60 to 90 days of "casual" play to grind the new gear.

Can you give us an idea of what Cryptic defines as "casual?" One or two STFs per day? All seven, every day?
The old system had a reward table with a small percentage chance of the mk xii prototype tech dropping, and even then it required a specific STF for each gear. Since this is considered the best gear in the game, we wanted to keep it challenging to obtain while drastically reducing the amount of STFs needed to get the gear sets. We calculated a 60% reduction in the number of STFs needed to get gear when making the new system. Also, we wanted to give credit to players who had already been hunting for these items by giving them a conversion crate that allows for a further reduction beyond that.

Since the Reputation system is similar to the Fleet System, projects have a set time limit to completion. We calculate that even if you have all the items necessary as inputs for all the projects, the time needed to complete all projects is going to be around 2 months.

When we say "casual" play - we calculate that a player can earn all inputs necessary to complete the Rep system by playing three 1-hour session per week. That is very casual when compared to the greater amount of time most players actually play. We do not anticiapte anyone needing to trade for any Dilithium in order to complete this system as they should be able to easily earn enough in three 1-hour sessions per week given the amount of Dilithium players earn on average per session.