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10-24-2012, 03:01 PM
seems to me if people spent more time comparing notes and giving "detailed" and "documented" proof as to what they are claiming is happening with Cruiser A or Cruiser B it might actually be more helpful than just complaining that the cruiser is now a joke.... try to do something constructive get with everyone in here and compare cruiser builds and see whats working and whats not.....

I myself fly a Nebula Science ship It handles like a cruiser but with LESS weapons, but I can still do a fair amound of tanking if I so choose... alternately since it IS a science ship that gives me the Science Magic people have come to hate so much...

aside from the BOFF layout the Nebula Handles EXACTLY like many of the Fed Cruisers out there and it has Fewer Weapons.... and I can still handle whatever is thrown at me for the most part (unless of course I am the focused target in PVP)

just my 2 strips of latinums worth