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10-24-2012, 03:12 PM
There are several variations on these new consoles.

Each console adds one property from each of these three categories:

Category 1: Either increased or decreased threat generation.

Category 2: A bonus to a Science skill, i.e. Starship Sensors.

Category 3: One of three additional powers.
a) 2.5% Chance to restore Shields when you are hit.
b) 2.5% Chance to restore Hull when you are hit.
c) 2.5% Chance to add a Plasma DoT on Directed Energy weapon attacks. (Essentially, adding the Plasma proc to a non-plasma weapon.) If your weapon is already a Plasma weapon, this adds Plasma damage to that weapon instead.

Thus, a sample item might have +threat generation, +starship sensors, and a 2.5 Chance whenever your shield is hit to proc a shield heal.