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10-24-2012, 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by docroadie69 View Post
I'm telling ya guys.. Cryptic is a black ops government program designed to see how they can control the public through taxes while telling them that 'it's a small increase nothing to worry about..' Although my comments are sarcastic in nature i do feel that they are paralleling the governments actions which is-- More taxes for working harder.
It's pretty obvious, their metrics probably show that the game has reached saturation point and new players are not as abundant and in decline. Faced with this they decided to put a sale on LTS and sweeten it up with 1000 day rewards... then basically do the most cost efficient thing to increase revenue. Revamp a pre-existing piece of content and attach dilitium sinks to everything. The idea being to leech what they can before the new Trek Movie comes along to push new player sales. In the long run though it will just force the game into decline as it's simply going way out of balance, people don't have time for this grind.

Thats what my paranoid delusional mind tells me anyways.