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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
Technically season 7 is a system update (once again). The new missions are just some honey to hide the bitter pill we all have to swallow.

They're converting a free endgame reward system to give us the ability to pay for shortcuts. But these shortcuts are going to be really expensive and now i really feel undervalued for the time i've invested in STFs since people paying for stuff will have to run a handful of STFs and a lot of real money to get their endgame prestige set (no one will ever need any set anyway, considering the easiness of the current pve content).

It's not a season but it's a transition to a fully F2P game: play a lot and wait a lot of time or pay for your stuff. And I guess my LTS stipend will have almost no value after season 7 since the price of dil will hit the roof.
This seems pretty pessimistic considering everything that is in Season 7. Yes, this season is an extension of our end game systems and the introduction of a new max level captain progression system (Reputation).

But there's a lot of stuff to do in Season 7, and more than was in Season 6.

New Romulus Adventure Zone
Our largest and most involved ground zone ever. Plenty of repeatable missions for you and a bridge officer in multiple different areas of the map, including open mission events.

Reputation System
A new personal advancement system for level 50 captains. Select new Captain powers at each tier to help specialize your skills. Unlock new themed reward stores and special sets. Each Reputation will be geared toward a specific theme of content such as Omega Fleet and the Romulans. We plan to add more Reps in future Seasons.

Romulan (Reputation)
Help the Romulans rebuild a homeworld by running missions on New Romulus, new Sector Map, or new Events. As you level up this system you will unlock new cutscenes and new away team repeatable instances that tell the story and help set the stage for future Seasons. This also includes new Captain power, plus new rewards including Romulan gear sets and Romulan officers.

Omega Fleet (Reputation System)
Help fight the Borg and earn new Captain powers as well as the original MACO/Honor Guard/Omega sets along with new variants. Unlock new stores that offer new Borg related gear.

The Vault: Ensnared
Help Obisek defend the Vault from a Tholian attack to earn Rom and Fleet marks

Azure Nebula
Rescue captured Romulan ships from a secret Tholian base within the Azure nebula in this 5-man space event and earn Rom and Fleet marks.

Mine Trap
Save a Romulan colony from a crazed salt vampire attack in this 20-man ground Fleet Action to earn Rom and Fleet marks.

Into the Hive
Face off against the Borg Queen's forces in this space and ground STF to earn Omega and Fleet marks.

Fleet Embassy
This new Fleet Holding supplements the Fleet Starbase and opens up the opportunity to earn favor with the Romulans in order to unlock a foothold on New Romulus as well as a direct line to special Romulan rewards.

Foundry Spotlight
This new feature will put Foundry Spotlight missions front and center in the Mission Journal and allow Cryptic to hook up better rewards for these select missions.

Improved Queue and Ship Selection UI
Now with the ability to set a default small craft so you no longer have to swap back and forth between ship types when queuing or entering maps that require a small craft - it will automatically put you in your "default"

That is a decent amount of new stuff to do and we are just getting started.

We have the winter event coming up, the 3 year anniversary event in February as well as all the awesomeness that is going to be Season 8 (which will be our biggest update thus far) in the first half of 2013.

So Season 7 is more than just a systems update. It is a good addition to end game and a stage setter for the upcoming events and missions that will take us up to Season 8.