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10-24-2012, 05:55 PM
i agree but there will be no romulan or borg lockboxes

1.not only will they lag everything(which most lockbox ships laready do) they will make pvp virtually impossible

2.the borg would destory the ship with a fail safe before u fired the first torpedo

3. Somewhere in season 6 or 7 there will be a romulan faction
4. the borg is a planned season 32 faction many complaints would flood the site
6.a flock of borg cubes would kick the already lagging out of the game
7. they would be over powered (would u want to fight 5 borg cubes that pop boff abilities and such and pound you with 10 or so different wepon slots?)

also wouldn't we all just throw our computers on the ground and stomp all over em then throw em in the fire? hence the term "Give Up and Die in a Fire"