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Originally Posted by meurik View Post
And in regards to new Klingon content, are you (Mr Stahl), ready to commit to a FULL leveling progression for Klingons in Season 8 (PVE episodic content) ? Like lostusthorn before me said, 1 mission a year does not constitute enough content.
This is one of the personal goals I set for myself when returning to the project and something that I'm still working towards. Season 8 is intended to get the KDF closer to this goal if not completely there.

Despite what some may think of our efforts, STO is growing and constantly improving as is evidenced by the fact that we're now the #1 game for PW in North America and my staff is now twice the size going into Season 8 that it was a year ago.

The game continues to do well and while not everyone agrees with our decisions, the fact that we're still here and still releasing updates several times a year with new features and new missions is a testimony to our bright future.

The team continues to work really hard on improving this game, many of which are putting in 10-12 hours days right now trying to get all the missions and event in Season 7 ready.

The game industry in general has taken a huge beating over the last year, yet STO continues to do well so that should be an indicator that we're making the right decisions and moving forward in a direction that will ensure this game will be around for years to come.

Season 7 is going to be as good, if not better than Season 6, and our goal is that Season 8 will be the closest thing to a "boxed expansion" we've ever done. In order to do that, yes we're giving ourselves a little more time, but only because of the scope and manpower needed to do something of that scale. We do expect Season 8 to be out by May, but there will be other updates before then.

So while you may feel it necessary to voice your frustration and anger at me personally, this game is being driven by a large group of very talented and very committed designers who are all Trek fans. We want to see this game succeed because we love the game and have spent years of our lives on it.

We can take the heat and have done so since launch - by owning up to our metecritic score and continually improving. No one can say the game hasn't improved greatly in the last two years. It absolutely has and will continue to do so.

Season 7 is another of example of us taking something that wasn't well done in the first few months after launch and making it much better and closer to what it should have been. Not only that but it is just one small part of Season 7 in general. New Romulus is the name of Season 7 because that is really what it is all about.

The comments in this thread are what they are, but STO will continue on and will continue to succeed due to the love and dedication of the team and the support of the many many players that absolutely love what we've done with the game.