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10-24-2012, 06:16 PM
I guess I'll add a few. Some of these should be fairly easy to do, I think, and most of them I'd probably buy myself.

  • Costume pack: Glasses
    Classic, Modern, Shades, Tactical, Virtual, Tech, perhaps split into two packs.
  • Costume pack: 2409 formal.
    Look at Dulmur and Lucsly. O'Brien in Honor Among Thieves. Any number of Vulcan civilians. (Sakonna) Which brings me to the following: Let the girls wear a suit if they want to. And whatever you do, don't let the guys wear dresses!
    P.S. --> Let Bridge Officers wear off-duty uniforms. Maybe I want to have a civilian advisor on my crew. Or put that mercenary pack to good use. (Hey, I pay good latinum to not be the corpse being dragged through the streets of New Romulus on FNS!)
  • Costume pack: Wrist Computers
    A single pack, ranging from simple to mostly holographic, in faction appropriate colors. The Klingons should get the simplest one or two versions for free, for their left wrist only, as that's what you have them tapping whenever they need to beam anywhere.
  • Federation Mk I-OO weapons
    Bigger is not better. It is in 99 out of 100 games. Doom. Fallout. Whatever. Not in Star Trek. Mk I weapons should've been the old TNG dustbuster. Successive marks should've gone through the successive phases, getting smaller till we got to the sleek Nemesis style phasers. The holograms were dubious. Making weapons bigger as you went was a mistake. Failing costume options for weapons, allowing you to have it appear as a lower tier weapon, Mk I-OO will have to do.
    And I suspect the KDF might want some Mk I-OO disruptors as well. Never cared for the mk X tripods.
  • Bridge Officer Requisition: Federation Exocomp
    Please? I'm starting to feel outnumbered on my own bridge, between the diplomatic corps Gorn, the Breen, the Reman, two Borg, one not quite so liberated or attractive as the other, and a gamma quadrant stoner who needs to be sedated 24-7 through a tube in his neck or he'll kill everyone(!!!), I could use some Federation friendly backup. (Plus BO reqs have been neglected since you guys hiked the price up, and Exocomps are cool.)
  • Bridge Officer Requisition: Federation Deltan
    Ehheh. Heh. Uh... Yeah, so, how about them Orions? That's basically all they are, from a game-technical POV; Federation Orions. Sans the princes Leia cosplay. Shouldn't be hard to do, right?
  • Bridge Officer Requisition: Universal Deferi
    Not sure if that's possible or whether there'll need to be two versions, one Federation, one Klingon, lest we get in trouble with the uniforms.

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