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10-24-2012, 06:42 PM
Originally Posted by thisisoverlord View Post
They clearly require more profit, and the current Lockbox is not that popular, I think we are seeing lockbox fatigue, so new areas of exploit must be opened up.
This is so far from the truth that it actually made me laugh. While any business could always use more profit, it has little to nothing to do with Season 7 STF changes.

The Dilithium exchange counts for such a small part of our business that adding more to this does not have any significant change on our bottom line when compared to other promotions such as the Lifetime sale or 15% Zen Sales.

While I went into an explaination of our view on Dilithium earlier in the thread, the gist of it is that Dilithium is designed to benefit players who have time to play but don't have that much money. The amount of Dilithium needed across the game is determined by the player's desire for rewards and no one ever has to spend any money on Dilithium - period. Everyone can refine Dilithium every day.

By putting in both more ways to earn and more ways to spend Dilithium, it greatly benefits the players who have lots of time to spend in the game by making Dilithium valuable. When Dilithium has value, it allows players who spend the time to play and refine it the ability to sell it to players who would rather not spend the time to do it. Dilithium trade is a convenience transaction between players. One player is giving their Zen to another in exchange for Dilithium. No one ever needs to do this. You can level up the Fleet Holdings and Reputation Systems simply by playing the game and refining your Dilithium.

If you are spending money on Dilithium, it is because it is a convenience for you. You are trading the time you could have spent to earn it for some Zen. Cryptic benefits from this because as a Free to Play game, it allows players who don't have money - our free players - the ability to gain some Zen by trading the time they spent playing to someone who didn't want to take the time.

So all this talk of "increasing profits because we are in trouble" is absolutely not true. Profits are just fine without Dilithium because of Subscribers, Lifetimers, and players who purchase items in the Store.

If you want to see more detailed information on this, I may be giving a talk about how Dilithium helps to fight "pay to win" F2P games at GDC in 2013 by offering players the chance to trade their time to another player in order to get all the goodies in the Store.

And as mentioned above, all of this is the announcement. We still have several weeks on Tribble before this goes live and we are gathering feedback and will adjust as we feel necessary.