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10-24-2012, 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
Dstahl - I would like you to seriously reconsider the charges that are being placed on the DOff system. If these charges are in fact being imposed on you by higher management, I would ask them to seriously consider cutting these charge increases by a considerable margin.
There is no corporate overlord impossing game design on us. The closest thing we have to that is Jack Emmert and honestly, he plays STO constantly and usually has really good feedback and is constantly trying to get improvements made to the game.

Changes in the game design come from the game designers on the project and surface up through blog posts like this. If anything it is the game designers who look at issues in the game and propose solutions. They make the case and build concensus on the team and then implement the agreed upon changes.

It is managements (my) responsibility to announce these changes and collect feedback to share with the designers - trust me there has been a ton of it today.

We are already discussing the reaction and really would like to hold off any changes until the entire system is on Tribble (which could be as early as Friday).

After everyone can see the conversion rates and have the adjusted reward tables, then we you can make an informed opinion about everything instead of trying to react to only a small portion of the changes to a large system.