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Yay for living on the wrong side of the world and coming to the party 50 pages late
I'm looking forward to the new system! Lots of new gear and abilities for my captain. Will truely make the game more entertaining.

I do have some questions for Mr Stahl:
1. Does the Omega Marks to dilithium rep project convert to dil ore or refined dil? Can you yet say how much Marks becomes how much dilithium?

2. Which current STF currencies get converted into which of the two new currencies? Salvage = marks or Borg NPs? EDC = Marks or borg NP? Or split into both? Exact numbers will come later but I'd like to get an idea of how it'll filter into the new system. So when it goes up on tribble I can understand a bit better how the amount in the crate comes about.

3. Is there a possibility to leave tech drops (both proto and rare) in stfs and have the tech drops as a single input for a reputation system project to get the same gear out? That way players may still be drawn to play particular STFs for the particular tech drop but if nothing comes of it they can just kick off the desired project to earn it the new way.
This would still give some desire to do particular STFs whilst not binding them to it. Win for all. Besides, its a good feeling getting a proto tech drop after an STF. Better than watching a bar graph progress I think anyway

4. STF dilithium amount needs to be increased. I love STFs but if they only pay out that much (480 for elite) I'll have to go do fleet events instead and get double the amount and possibly of quadruple that. If dilithium is time based currency, some stfs can last LONGER than a fleet event if the team is particularly bad. The 15min timer isn't a hard limit like the fleet events are, STFs can go over time.
I strongly suggest you please revise this to at least match fleet dilithium payout amounts. STFs are supposed to be the hardest content in the game bar 'no win' right? Rewards should reflect this.
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