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Originally Posted by khayuung View Post
That's "You're already dead." Very very butchered, though.

So many otaku captains here...

"Ore, sanjou!" - When making a Big Damn Heroes' entry screaming out of Full Impulse to save an optional. :p

"Atatatatatata!" - Cannon Rapid Fire

"Hen...shin!" - Transforming the Chimera


That said, I haven't exactly a 'catch phrase'. Things like ordering my coffee/tea from a replicator, straightening my shirt before starting an STF, and having team chat buttons on hot key are more my kind of thing.

If there's something that I say often, its reading off all my tac buff skills as I hit them, ending with Fire On My Mark, then "WAVE MOTION SPINAL LANCE, MARK!"

The 'Minister of Finance' always gives me weird looks when I'm playing STO.

And thanks for the translation. I'm a bit of an Otaku, myself, but my knowledge of Japanese is rather limited.
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