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10-24-2012, 06:53 PM
Dstahl, if your still looken at this thread...

I made a post atm and was hoping more of a clarification on this from you.

You had said, eather through a pod cast or something else, tryed to see if you made a quote of it on the forums with no such luck.

Is that those of us who have worked "hard" <- use this word loosely, on getting our current mark xii gear "ground and space" in the current system (as well as all the accolades for the stfs), which you guys recognized was time consuming, and also at times required 100's of runs to complete, that we would be rewarded in some fashion "you didnt clarify" in your comments but that we would be rewarded in the rep system once it goes live.

Now some of us "I myself included" have not kept any of my edc's and proto tech, techs, I usually just traded them in for Dil for starbase projects. So how are we being rewarded in this new system of yours for "time collected" in this rep system?
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